About Yoga Threapy Point

Yoga therapy point is a unit of Vedansha Institute of Vedic science and alternative medicine, one of the most popular education and retreat place of Yoga & Ayurveda in Rishikesh. Our Yoga Therapy treatment programs are focused on the individual correction of health related issues. We offer professional courses in Yoga Therapy (IAYT) for yoga teachers and medical staff.

Correct Posture

With the help of Restorative Asana we will align your body and improve energy flow.

Learn How To Breath

Pranayama is a key to long life. Developing of breath awareness and special breath techniques will rejuvenate cell and make you healthy.

Healthy Meal Plan

Vegan & Vegetarian meal plan will increase the energy level, gives revitalized effect, remove toxins.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Safe herbal therapy, ayurevdic whole body massages, reflexology help to reach desired effect.

Our Popular Programs


300 Hrs Yoga Therapy Teacher Training starts from 1600 USD

31 days

800 Hrs Yoga Therapy Teacher Training starts from 5000 USD

24 months

Yoga Detox Therapy Retreat starts from 650 USD

10 days

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