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About Us

Being a part of Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine we are keeping tradition of our Founder Dr SanjeevPandey in classical and original Hatha Yoga. Yoga Therapy point has aim to improve the health issues with the help of restorative asana, pranyama, meditation, fire rituals &vedic chanting, ayurveda&vastushastra. Our Institute is certified by Yoga Alliance USA as well as we are a Member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist). We are working strictly according international standard of teaching of yoga therapy. At the same time, our yoga therapy programs are absolutely safe and secured, as they are conducted by doctors and specialists in ayurvedic medicine, yoga therapy and allopathic medicine. Our Founder Dr SanjeevPandey is a professioanal Yoga Acharya (high education in Yoga with Master Degree, PhD in Yoga & Naturopathy) with huge theoretical and practical experience of supporting holistic treatment of common and non curative diseases. We are not using magic, abandoned or unsafe treatment programs. All our methods are secure and standardized according Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Guidelines. What makes us special?

Strictly following the Treatment Standard :

Safe treatment and educational programs

High Qualified Staff

All our teachers professional Yogis and Doctors with long years of Experience

Special Location:

Rishikesh and Himalaya are special spiritual places with pure and high energized energy because of continuously vedic chanting as well as performing sacred rituals within many hundred of years. The effect of place will increase the effect of the result from the practice.

Scientific work

We are conducting variety of research projects in Yoga and participating in International and Indian Yoga related Conferences.

Special Programs

Every client get assessment of Energy Body problems and individual suggestions for health maintenance. Weight loss, gain or detox programs based on ayurvedic dosha concept.

Nutrition management

As a part of therapy we use special detox ayurvedic and yogic vegan & vegetarian menu that can be adapted according individual dietary requirements.