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Awdhesh Semwal Yoga Teacher


Shiva Ji was born in Badrinath Side of Himalayan mountains. Being a child of vedic priest, since 5 years old he was participated in different fire rutails (pooja) with his father. After education is vedic school, he did service in Temple in Himalaya. He is a famous Vedic Astrologer in Rishikesh.He is well qualified in Astrology and Vedic science, completed.

His jyotish Acharya ( Master Degree in Astrological science) and Ved Acharya (Master Degree in Vedic science & Vastu shastra) from Sampoorna Nanda Sanskrit University, Kashi (Varanasi), In Vedansha Pandit Shiva Ji is teaching Vedic Astrology, performed Vedic Karma Kand (Pooja, Rituals).